A Bright, Clean, Happy and Just Future


Already since I got into touch with environmental challenges as a student in the run up to the 1992 Climate and Development Summit in Rio de Janeiro I am fascinated by working on energy, climate and resource policies and strategies. The topic is huge, and requires integrated thinking that involves natural sciences, technology, economy and social sciences. It is about giving meaning to politically useful but practically unfortunately still hollow concepts like sustainable development, green growth or a circular economy. It is about innovation, societal changes and about rethinking economy. It is about global inequality, European and national policies and about local action. It is about governments, business and civil society. And in the end it is about the feelings, motivations and actions of all individuals around the world, including myself.

Working during my career for university, think-tanks, government and consultancy, I have been able to look at the large range of topics, scales and angles that are required for finding fundamental yet practically feasible solutions for environmental policies. I have also learned to avoid cliches and to not believe in either easy technological fixes or in a green brainwash of society. In my view we have to face that there is a long way to go, but I am happy to be on the road. I want to work on a bright, clean, happy and just future for people worldwide. And I  believe that a responsible way of dealing with energy, resources and our climate is part of the way we have to go.