Het fossiele dilemma van Rotterdam


April 2016 – The Fossil Dilemma of Rotterdam. In the coming years, fossil fuels will still be important for the Netherlands. The harbour of Rotterdam plays an important part in that dependency, as it is the largest and most competitive fossil cluster in Northwest Europe. Rotterdam therefore embraces a strategy of green ánd fossil development, a strategy that appears prudent and robust. However, the ‘lock-in’ with fossil fuels will not be broken in this way, as fossil fuel investments will continue. Question therefore is how long the ‘and-and’ option, fossils and greening, will hold. Is Rotterdam in this way prepared for a possible accelaration of greening of the energy sector, that might lead much earlier than anticipated to a post-fossil future?

Client: TNO

Project timespan:  September 2015 – March 2016

Download: Het fossiele dilemma van Rotterdam