April 17, 2016 – This Horizon 2020 aims to investigate innovative citizen inclusive air pollution and climate change policies in six European cities: Bristol, Amsterdam, Aveiro, Liguria/Genua, Ljubljana and Sosnowiec.

Client – EU DG RTD, Horizon 2020

Project timespan – 1 May 2016 to 1 May 2020

RECREATE – A New Research & Innovation Agenda Post-2020 for the European Commission


April, 17, 2016 – The overall objective of the RECREATE project, funded by the European Commission, is to support the development of the European Union’s new research funding program Horizon 2020, with a specific focus on “Challenge 5: Climate Action, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials”. RECREATE will provide evidence and intelligence concerning the future directions of these research fields. RECREATE will run until mid 2018 and is carried out by a consortium of 15 key stakeholders from European research and industry.

Client – European Commission DG RTD

Project timespan – June 2013 to June 2018

Read moreRECREATE Website

Internationale Spectator – Special ‘Circular Economy’


April, 17, 2016 – For the International Spectator, SPA is currently preparing a ‘dossier’ on international political consequences of the circular economy and the potential impacts for the Netherlands. This perspective of the ‘circular economy’ so far is hardly explored. The dossier therefore can shed new light on the issue by examining it from a different angle than looking into technical and economic aspects.

Client: Internationale Spectator

Project timespan: April – August 2016


Conference ‘Toekomstagenda milieu en duurzaamheid’


November 1st, 2015 – The Dutch Society for Environmental Professionals VVM organised on December 17, 2015, a Conference ‘Toekomstagenda Milieu en Duurzaamheid’ for the Dutch Ministry of Environment IenM. SPA contributed to the conference by a presentation on the effects of international environmental policy and trends on Dutch policies. Read more >>




Het fossiele dilemma van Rotterdam


April 2016 – The Fossil Dilemma of Rotterdam. In the coming years, fossil fuels will still be important for the Netherlands. The harbour of Rotterdam plays an important part in that dependency, as it is the largest and most competitive fossil cluster in Northwest Europe. Rotterdam therefore embraces a strategy of green ánd fossil development, a strategy that appears prudent and robust. However, the ‘lock-in’ with fossil fuels will not be broken in this way, as fossil fuel investments will continue. Question therefore is how long the ‘and-and’ option, fossils and greening, will hold. Is Rotterdam in this way prepared for a possible accelaration of greening of the energy sector, that might lead much earlier than anticipated to a post-fossil future?

Client: TNO

Project timespan:  September 2015 – March 2016

Download: Het fossiele dilemma van Rotterdam

Technical innovations and financial instruments for a circular economy


27 October 2015 – In the project ‘Technical innovations and financial instruments for a circular economy’, Trinomics has carried out for the Dutch Ministry of Environment an analysis of three sectors relevant for a circular economy. These are the plastics, electronical equipment and buildings sector. Three questions were examined in particular: 1) Which innovations are needed in this sector for a circular economy, 2) Which governmental instruments can provide the best incentives for such innovations, and 3) What are recommendations for an optimal application of these instruments, including the need for new instruments? The results of this study are used internally by the Ministry.

Client: Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

Project timespan: February – May 2015


Beeft de grond onder de voeten van de Nederlandse gasrotonde?


26 October, 2015 – Together with TNO and HCSS, Trinomics is organising in 2015 meetings on the future of energy in the Netherlands. A first topic concerned the idea of the Dutch ‘Gas Roundabout’, that should secure income for the Dutch state from gas trade as a compensation for declining income from the depleting Groningen field. It is argued in this paper, that a more comprehensive fossil fuels strategy is needed in the Netherlands, including a strategy that includes build up, but also an exitstrategy for fossils. From the press release:

‘In een vandaag verschenen rapport pleiten TNO, HCSS en Trinomics voor een heldere overheidsvisie op de toekomst van aardgas in ons land. Een dergelijke visie geeft inhoud aan de slogan ‘gas als transitiebrandstof’. Immers, enkel wanneer er een duidelijke einddatum is voor de winning van aardgas in Nederland, de Gasrotonde een op– en afbouwstrategie kent, en helder is dat de resterende gasbaten daadwerkelijk worden besteed aan vergroening kan energietransitie op gedegen en verantwoorde wijze kracht bij worden gezet.’
Client: TNO
Project timespan: January – December 2015

Download: Policy briefing paper Gasrotonde


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