Poems for sustainability


November 2019 – A transition towards global sustainability starts locally. It will involve new forms of social engagement, democracy and local cohesion. Poems in the public environment contribute to less anonymous neighbourhoods and to community building on a neighbourhood level. SPA Sustainability contributes to poems on private walls in the community of Oegstgeest, Netherlands, that will form a walking route through the village. The project is carried out as “Oegstgeester Muurgedichten Actiecomité (OMA)” for Cultuurfonds Oegstgeest and also involves a poetry competition for primary school pupils in the village.

Who will win the energy transition?

November 2019 – The future low-carbon energy sector will also reshuffle energy geopolitics. Trinomics together with partners carried out a project on this topic, focusing on energy technology dependencies of the European Union and on a policy strategy that ensures competitiveness and security of supply in the EU low-carbon energy sector. Stephan Slingerland presented main conclusions and recommendations of the project for Trinomics on October 24, 2019, at the Berlin German-French Energy Transition Forum conference.